Tips to Make Skin Glow & Beautiful

beautiful glowing clear shiny skin

Our skin plays a very big role in our personality. A good healthy, charming, beautiful, clear and glowing skin leaves a great impression on others. A healthy and shiny skin matters so much for every body especially for women. Here I am sharing a great article which mentions lots of secret tips which can really help to make your face skin and body skin clear and glowing.

The author is a fashion designer and beautician who is expert in advising for tips women fashion and beauty topics. This article has so many tips and advises which are easy to follow and less costly. Having clear, glowing and charming skin is the first priority of every women irrespective of their age.

Whether you are a teenager, old age, men or women this article will definitely help you. So do not miss these top secret tips if you want to have sparkling and shiny skin. To read this wonderful & amazing blog post on secret tips to get amazingly beautiful skin care click here.

Some Tips For Good Life…

Many great people have told about  many secrets of the good life and some of us follow those principles and some do not , some believe and some do not believe but I believe that if we follow these principles than we may follow a very good life.
Mahatma Gandhi showed the way of simplicity and led the very simple life and today most of the people are aware of him all over the world.Lord Gautam Budhaa  also gave his secrets of happy life and many followers are still following that path and are very satisfied with their life.
Today life has become so busy and the people don’t have time for their life and they have been caught in the web of deceit and the conspiracy at different level.Almost every people are running after the money  madly and are not caring about the other people.

  • I have some rules of life if we follow that then I can ensure that no one would have a problem in their life.
  • Do not get jealous of other person’s happiness and their success.
  • Always try to be happy and do not worry at all about the small small and petty and trivial issues.
  • Always try to control your anger because anger eats up our mind and we loose our conciousness.
  • Eat healthy and vegetarian try to reduce the non veg intake from your diet.
  • Try to avoid smoking , alcohol, and the adultry.
  • Wake up early in the morning and do not sleep much , not more than 8 hours at any cost.
  • Always try to learn something new in your life and make reading and learning your habit and hobby.
  • Always think big and work hard and with dedication.
  • Always have faith in your self and do believe in your self and respect yourself.
  • Never try to copy any body’s habits or any thing else, you are unique and  make your own habits and personality , that will be original and every body like original and not copied things.

to be continued……

Some weight lose tips

beautiful slim womanLoosing weight fast is not a very easy task.Either you opt for a weight lose surgery or have patience and keep continuing your dieting and exercise.Some tips for loosing weight are take green leafy and non leafy green vegetables as much as possible and avoid high calories vegetables and other stuffs e.g. potato,sweet stuffs,cheese, fat, oil, butter, red meat.Take liquids as much as possible e.g. plain skimmed milk,vegetable soups,lemon water avoid sweet juice.Do exercise regularly.And keep this continue it will take some time and have patience.Whenever you feel hungry you can take tomato soup or simple vegetable soups instead of full meal or lunch, that way you will lose weight fast and would not feel hungry much.These soups does not contain much calories but vitamins and other good nutrients.

Vegetables Which Are Good For Heathy Life

cute healthy girlMushroom for all vitamins and fibre, especially for vitamin-E.

Cabbage for fibre helping you control weight.

Carrot for vitamin A.

Milk for all vitamins except vitamin C.

Spinach for vitamin-ABCDEK.

Cauliflower for Vitamin B,K and fibre.

Bottle gourd for many vitamins Cucumber for fiblre, raddish zero calorie and good source of fibre, Lemon,Tomato for vitamin-C.

Raw papaya good for health, Raw turnip good source of fibre and vitamins. there are also many other very important vegetables wich you can also search any where.

Bust most important take those vegetables which are less calorie and high vitamins and fibre.