Natural Hair Care Tips

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If you are looking for some real hair care tips then you are at right place. Here I am sharing a blog post on hair care which mentions lots of natural hair care tips which will definitely help you have long hair, healthy hair, beautiful hair, lustrous hair and will also help you to reduce hair fall and hair damage.

CLICK HERE to read this amazing blog post on hair care tips. This blog post have mention every aspects which can effect your hair be it pollution, weather, summer, winter, nutrition, hair care products, lifestyle, home based products, harmful factors, and lots more. After going through this hair care article you will get answers to all of your hair problems like the following ones:

How to Have Beautiful Hair?
How to Reduce Hair Fall?

How to Have Lustrous Hair?
How to Prevent Hair Loss?

How to Prevent Hair Damage?
How to Increase Hair Growth?

How to Have Healthy Hair?

How to Have Long Hair?

How to Take Care of Oil Hair?
How to Take Care of Dry Hair?
How to Have Shiny Hair?

How to Have Strong Hair?

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster?
How to Take Care of my Hair?
How to Get Rid of Dandruff?

I hope you will like this blog post and it will help you get rid of all hair problems so that you can have healthy, long, beautiful, lustrous and shiny hair.

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Tips to Make Skin Glow & Beautiful

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Our skin plays a very big role in our personality. A good healthy, charming, beautiful, clear and glowing skin leaves a great impression on others. A healthy and shiny skin matters so much for every body especially for women. Here I am sharing a great article which mentions lots of secret tips which can really help to make your face skin and body skin clear and glowing.

The author is a fashion designer and beautician who is expert in advising for tips women fashion and beauty topics. This article has so many tips and advises which are easy to follow and less costly. Having clear, glowing and charming skin is the first priority of every women irrespective of their age.

Whether you are a teenager, old age, men or women this article will definitely help you. So do not miss these top secret tips if you want to have sparkling and shiny skin. To read this wonderful & amazing blog post on secret tips to get amazingly beautiful skin care click here.

15 Beautiful Wall Decoration Ideas for Home Improvement

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Here I am not writing a post but want to share an article which is about wall decoration and is eco friendly in nature. This article mentions about 12 wall decoration articles and crafts with their pictures, which are made from jute. As we all know that jute is 100% eco friendly in nature and thus totally safe for environment and our planet earth.

I am sure that you will definitely love this article and it will help you a lot in decorating your walls. These jute made crafts and articles are very beautiful & attractive can make walls attractive. To checkout these beautiful and lovely wall decor articles click here.

8 Jute Handicrafts For Home Decoration

It is an inevitable truth that jute is the best example of versatile fiber which is also known to be eco friendly in nature. This golden fiber is used for manufacturing top notch jute handicraft products like wall hangings, shoes, hats, bags and more. Previously, jute was used for manufacturing sacks but now, with the changing time, people can easily opt for those jute products which are elegant to look at and can make great household decorative pieces. The skilled craftsmen are working on various jute crafts related items which are now sold globally.

jute crafts from india

Some Notable Jute Handicraft Items:

Jute baskets: In order to maintain an eco friendly environment, people are now inclining more and more towards jute baskets in place of those which are made of plastic. These bags are available in various shapes, sizes and designs and also sometimes in different vibrant colors. These baskets can be used for storing clothes, magazines and also can be taken along for marketing purposes.

Jute wall hangings: For colorful and decorative embellishments, one can easily take the help of colorful wall hangings which are well decorated with mirrors, animal prints, stitches and more. This will surely offer you with a traditional look that depicts the Indian culture well.

Jute mat: Due to high strength and also durable features, jute mats are gaining worldwide popularity nowadays. These are manufactured by using dense or thick jute fibers and thus, it is also hard to detect stains on these rugs.

Jute curtains: In case you are planning to enjoy an eco friendly environment then curtains made out of jute is the best ever example of such products. Available in various designs and soothing colors, jute curtains can also help keep the rooms cool during hot and sultry weather.

Jute rugs: Not only for decorative purposes, but these rugs are also used for keeping the floors clean. As these are tear resistant in nature, then you can use one rug for quite a long time.

Jute flowers and jute flower pots: These pots are not only eco friendly but at the same time pretty to look at. You can keep flowers made out of jute inside these pots or you can also decorate real flower pots with some pretty and colorful jute threads which might appeal more.

Jute bags: Handicraft artisans of India are also known for their handcrafted jute bags which are available in different shapes, sizes, designs and colors, which can be used for various purposes.

Jute pen stand and pencil stand: There are lots of exciting fancy and stylish pencil stand, pen stand, pen & pencil holders which are perfect for study rooms, office and home.

jute craft wall painting hanging

There are many other jute handicrafts which are widely used nowadays like carpets, rugs, mats, coasters, lamp shades, chairs, etc. made from jute. Notable online stores can offer you with some quality products at reasonable rates. For more information about the publisher of this post visit G+.

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New Shopping Site for Women Apparels & Fashion Accessories Launched

women fashion apparel clothing accessories shopping site

Much talked women shopping site of The Vastra Fashion recently launched with all inaugural formalities. The Vastra Fashion is one of the leading Indian ethnic women apparels & fashion accessories manufacturers and sellers across the world. Apart from retail selling it also exports ladies garments and fashion accessories in wholesale globally.

This online store for women provides an opportunity for users to buy all kinds of Indian women wear and accessories at their own comfort. At this great women fashion shopping website ( women can buy sarees, salwar kameez, kurtis, tunics, artificial jewellery, silver jewellery, fashion accessories and more in traditional & latest fashion designs and beautiful colors at very affordable prices and exciting offers.

For more information about The Vastra Fashion and all features of the shopping website visit here.

Bedroom Reno Sneak Peek

This post has nice interior designing ideas!


Written by Amelia

We’ve been in our new house for three weeks now. It’s finally starting to feel like home especially since the bedroom has been finished. This room is one of the reasons I initially said “No way, Jose” to this house. Hideous yellow on all the walls AND the ceiling, very little light (that window faces a second floor enclosed porch), and terrible vinyl floors.


That sconce. Puke. Actually, this must’ve been taken after we primed the ceiling.


That paint color. Double puke. The pieces you see on the floor go to our new closet. More on that later.

Here’s the after:












Things still aren’t finished, but now we have a skylight for stargazing from bed, gorgeous hardwood floors, a crisp white ceiling, and and rich brown walls. Isn’t that little door so funny? I guess it’s because you have to…

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