Vegetables Which Are Good For Heathy Life

cute healthy girlMushroom for all vitamins and fibre, especially for vitamin-E.

Cabbage for fibre helping you control weight.

Carrot for vitamin A.

Milk for all vitamins except vitamin C.

Spinach for vitamin-ABCDEK.

Cauliflower for Vitamin B,K and fibre.

Bottle gourd for many vitamins Cucumber for fiblre, raddish zero calorie and good source of fibre, Lemon,Tomato for vitamin-C.

Raw papaya good for health, Raw turnip good source of fibre and vitamins. there are also many other very important vegetables wich you can also search any where.

Bust most important take those vegetables which are less calorie and high vitamins and fibre.

It Is Chilling For Delhi In Janurary

Really it is very cold this year in Delhi.And the wind add to further chill.Many poor people have died due to this unbearable chil..Hundreds of people have died in India this year which is very pity , what does it show….?

It shows the lack of government to tackle poverty of the country.Crores of people don’t have much warm clothes to save them from this cold weather so many of them lose their life every year.

If a person dies with a desease  then it can be understood but people dying with the lack of food and warm clothes than it is shame for our government.

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