How to Make Home Shifting Cost Effective, Safe and Easy?

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packers movers in delhi

When we got to know about my transfer few months back then primary task for us was to relocate our home to a new location in the city(Delhi). Relocating a home is not easy as it seems, relocating a home requires much time, energy, and money. We started by searching for a good packers and movers in Delhi NCR which I finally found here. Continue reading this blog post.

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Which Type of Salwar Kameez Will Suit a Female Most?

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salwar kameez for girls

Every women dream of having wide collection of party wear salwar kameez in her wardrobe. Different salwar kameez are made from different materials such as crepe, chiffon, cotton, silk and georgette. You can buy it in plan, printed or embroidered pattern suiting the occasion. But just buying designer salwar suit is not enough one should know how to carry it and choose the best from the market suiting their personality. The right selection of salwar suit can help in hiding physical flaws of your body.

Continue reading this article for great tips on salwar kameez.

DialB2C – Local Search Engine Starts Services in Delhi NCR!

Dial B2C logo - Dial B2C a Local Search Engine of India

DialB2C( the next upcoming big local search engine of India has started its operations and services. DialB2C announced today the launch of free personalized directory, business listing & category search services in India. Consumers can now dial 1800-103-4422 from anywhere in the country to obtain localized business listing results. Dialb2c operators are available 24 hours and seven day a week to give users fast local search results, recommendations & advice for the local hotels, restaurants, plumbers, mechanics, theaters, and any other service providers. On DialB2C merchants of India can also list their business free of cost showing all their products, services, location, phone number, pictures, etc. all accessible by the prospective customers over the website. Thus it is useful for both consumers as well as local merchants.

But for this time this service will only cover interior designers, decorators and movers & packers of Delhi NCR region of India only. After a lot of hard work, research, and development work to include the best local merchants & service providers, local people of Delhi NCR can get information of the genuine and best interior designers, interior decorators, and movers and packers of Delhi NCR right from their laptop, desktop, tab, phones, etc. In initial phase this service is only available for the Delhi NCR area, but other areas of the country will be covered very soon.

After including the interior designing service providers it was envisaged that packers and movers will be included in the local searches within one month, but it took more than two months to incorporate it because of the time taking in screening procedures, etc so that DialB2C includes genuine and reliable local merchants and service providers.

Dial B2C will start functioning in multiple phases, in its first phase there are interior designers, interior decorators, and packers and movers who are providing services in the Delhi NCR region of the country. Other services will be included in the later phases as soon as possible in the coming time, and as a result after some time this service will be fully functional across whole country and will include almost every category.

After contacting the project manager of the Dial B2C to ask about the possibility of launching Dial B2C in other countries of the world, he said that ”Let the results come and then we will do accordingly, we have so many plans in the pipelines which are poised to come out but will take some time. Spreading Dial B2C to other parts of the world will be our pleasure”.

Dial B2C is an Indian company providing local search services over phone, web, mobile, tablets, etc. Headquarter of Dial B2C is in New Delhi, the capital city of India. Users just need to call a common number and simply tell the customer care executives what services they are looking for and text & email alerts are then sent to users within few seconds. Apart from this the local search website of DialB2C( provide customers the access to any information across different cities, different categories, with best and relevant results. Later information on SMS services is also going to be launched where a user will send his or her inquiry through SMS and within one minute will get the desired information & recommendations. The DialB2C makes money from small businesses who pay to be included in sponsored listings, they only get paid when they give a lead to these sponsored businesses.

In Movers and Packers section users can find service providers in home shifting, commercial shifting, industrial shifting, packing & unpacking, loading & unloading, car carrying, etc. dealing in whole Delhi NCR region. While in Interior Decorators section they can find the best merchants providing services like acoustic solutions, bath fittings, concrete flooring, interior decoration service, landscaping service, roofing tiles, furniture job works, false ceiling, blinds & curtains installation, awning & canopies, etc. And in Interior Designers service section one can find the services like office interior services, house interior services, commercial interior services, architect designers, etc.

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call at 1800-103-4422.

10 Shocking Facts About Eco Benefits of Jute

The authorities all over the world must undertake uniform policies to elevate jute business. Jute industry is monumental for more food production, better status of peasants and small farmers, pollution free environment, inflation control,  and over all sustainable development of the country and the world, due to its wonderful properties which I am going to explain in this article:

Source article: 10 Shocking Facts About Eco Benefits of Jute.

Jute Products: 7 Best Advantages of Using Jute Made Goods and Articles!

jute furniture goods

Eco Friendly Jute Goods are Need of the Hour

Jute is a 100 percent biodegradable and eco-friendly material and do not pollute our environment like plastic products and poly bags, and we should encourage the usage of jute and jute products so that we can also contribute to our environment to make our planet clean and healthy place to live in.

Fancy Designer Shopping Jute bags

Fancy Jute Shopping Bags are Available in Variety of Designs

Benefits of Eco-friendly Jute Products:

1.  As most of us do not know about the benefits of the jute as it is a very useful material. I would like to mention some of them as follows:

2.  Jute is a fiber type material which can be used to make various types of different products and goods like jute bags, jute carpets, jute rugs, jute shopping bags, jute stationery, jute furniture, jute crafts, this list is never ending. So many usable products can be made from jute.

3.  Jute is Cheaper as compared to other stuff and material, thus we can also save money up to some extent.

4.  It would open doors for those persons who are willing to start their own business but are not able to do so just because of money. Business of selling jute products can be started by a very low capital, thus it will further solve the unemployment problem upto a more extent in the urban areas of the world. As more and more people are becoming aware about our environment concerns and the benefits of jute, thus the demand for these products will only grow.

5.  Jute is biodegradable material thus is very beneficial for our environment.

Eco friendly Decorative Handcrafted Jute Goods and Articles

Plethora of Handcrafted Jute Articles and Products are Available in the Market

Other Important & Countable Benefits of Jute Products:

6.  As jute is grown by the farmers in rural areas thus if jute and its various products are much sought and sold in the market, then it would be a very big support for this rural people. This way most of the rural people would get employment and entrepreneurs would start setting up jute industries in those backward areas which would result in overall development of those areas. This would solve the migration of people from rural areas to urban areas, thus reducing the burden over the infrastructure of the urban areas.

7.  The over all life standard of such people of backward areas will improve and they would be able to spend some money for themselves. This would help in bringing inclusive growth for those developing countries.

Jute Textile

Eco Friendly Jute Fiber

The jute products and jute goods will also help in reducing pollution from our environment and our planet. The overall production of poly ethylene or PVC would be reduced, which is used in making carry bags which are highly pollution contributor. As the poly bags have become our eye sore as they are the major source of the littering and can be found any where in the world. It is more likely that many of the poly bags & plastic manufacturers may switch to become jute products manufacturers.

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Fraud Prevention Tips for Companies and Enterprises

Fraud PreventionAs mentioned previously, investigation is often the ‘bread-and- butter’ of a fraud prevention department, and must be managed and investigated. This usually consists largely of clerical processes in assessing whether an insurance claim should be paid, whether a refund should be made from a utility supplier of responding to customers that claim fraud has occurred on their accounts; collecting affidavits (another opportunity for preventative statements to be made) and then refunding the amount involved; re-issuing cards as required and looking out for further fraud in the future for similar charge-off and processing.

Two areas of investigation are often neglected:

• Identifying whether customers are being honest about the transactions being theirs. For example, if there are anomalous insurance claim issues or stories that differ or if the fraud is involved in an ATM transaction in Canada and the customer is clearly living in the UK, then there is not much to investigate. Treating everything that the customer says as true and refunding everything, or treating everything as false and delivering a poor customer service to customers, are equally poor strategies. Challenge interviewing, based upon the psychological theory behind what customers say and how they say things to spot fraud has become prevalent for determining the truth in these situations.

• Analysis of fraud losses should drive future fraud investigation and also detection work. For example, when we see a second or third fraud that has a common denominator, such as the spend location or postal area address, we should look into this further. May be a common passenger over several claims or a common phone number or address for delivery. It could be that we have fallen upon a major compromise, a new fraud tactic or gang operating against us. In every case, we should act upon these situations — with major policy changes, corrective actions, changes to systems or other actions like system changes or enhancements.

Author is an eminent fraud management specialist and helps businesses provide fraud detection, fraud investigation, and fraud prevention services, also provides services for bank fraud prevention all across UK, Europe and rest of the World.

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